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The Pugs
A Pets Tribute

Here's a little tribute to our pugs, Odin and Freja. Sadly, Odin left this world in June of 2017, and Freja on May 16, 2018.
Freja and Odin Pug

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Bassist Tools
Nashville Numbering

I created a tool to assist me in translating chord-charts to the Nashville Numbering System. Especially helpful if your band changes Keys. Added common scales, chords and an experimental programmable variable-metronome.

[Nashville Numbering Fretboard] [Common Scales] [Bass Chords] [Experimental Metronome]
DFW Enlightened
An Ingress Community

In Dallas-Ft. Worth, there is a battle for beliefs and portals! We use Augmented Reality and Geo-positioning, not weapons of warfare.

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Blogging in the mid-2000's

Before I started playing hockey, I broke my bones against bare-foot men and women.

Old Timey Blogging